The Online Curiositorium of Chris Volion, Illustrator & Miscreant


...the Gilley van Weirden Workshop

Named for the eponymous adventurer and inventor of Arachno-Knickers, Nose Wands, and the perilous Gnome Hammer, the Gilley van Weirden Workshop is where I, artist and miscreant Chris Volion, produce my uniquely piquant blend of art, design, and prose.

...the Artist

Chris Volion was raised amidst the languorous bayous and murky swamps of Louisiana's cajun country. His childhood imagination germinated under layers of local superstition, voodoo culture, vintage cartoons, and far too many sessions of Dungeons & Dragons.

After long exile, he's returned to New Orleans where the ghosts of the city spur his imagination.

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