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Coming Soon! The St. Honore: Patron Saint of Bakers print

Posted February 7, 2018

A detail of the 24k gold leaf fleur-de-lis available on all large prints

Honore, Bishop of Amiens, is the patron saint of bakers (as well as confectioners, bakers of altar bread, candle-makers, florists, flour merchants, corn chandlers, oil refiners, and pastry chefs). All religious aspects aside, he was a humble man who did good things and is now eternally associated with bread and pastry.

St. Honore mini card

The St. Honore mini-card

Inspired in equal parts by the tale of Honore and threats from my friend the pastry chef to cut off my weekly supply of freshly baked sweets, I have produced what I think is a lovely print honoring St. Honore.

The Kickstarter-exclusive edition of the print will be released on Feb. 13th, 2018. This Kickstarter edition is your only opportunity to get the wax-sealed and 24k gilded edition of the print! Seriously, these bespoke prints will never again be produced once the Kickstarter project's 30 days have run their course.

– Chris Volion

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