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Posted May 5, 2017

Memento Mori (2014)

The seminal drawing that launched my artistic rebirth. It was the end of a comatose twenty-year stretch of unfulfilling effort enriching the lives of the obscenely rich.

Atropa Belladonna (2014)

A bit of a fairy tale with a dash of witchery, a pinch of alchemy, and an abundance of ill intent.

Lord of Owls (2014)

I was intrigued by the concept of psychopomps and began to explore a hierarchy of these winged escorts to the souls of the dead.

St. Peregrine (2014)

The patron saint of those with cancer, AIDS, and incurable diseases as a whole. It was a personally motivated piece as (a) I wanted to move beyond the dogmatic restrictions of the iconographic tradition and (b) I've just known too many good people whose lives have been impacted by these shitty diseases.

Harbinger (2015)

Concepts of scavenging, psychopomps, and time worked their way into this inadvertent sister piece to Lord of Owls. The reflection in the eye reflects part of that image).

Prescient (2015)

A truly collaborative design created by the band Antlion and me. It is a thematic meditation on the folly of empires and the hubris of small humans with overlarge egos.

Rime of the Pirate King (2015)

A graphic fantasia of all things pirate-related. Far too many hidden Easter Eggs in this one to count (but look for things Lovecraftian, LucasArtsian, and even a couple of things from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away). It was launched as a limited-edition print through Kickstarter and includes a custom wax seal along with 24k gold leaf.

Whispers & Storms (2015)

Based upon Algonquin creation myth and encompassing themes of the birth-death-rebirth cycle (which I found delightfully akin to the Paschal mystery working silently behind my saints). A commissioned album artwork for the band Longhouse.

Draconia Aurum (2016)

As a fan of the game Dungeons & Dragons I've long been intrigued by the concept of dragons being able to shape-change into humans. Here, I sought to explore a (gold) dragon and what she may perceive a human form to be.

St. Cecilia (2016)

Another example of my 'New Iconography' pieces, St. Cecilia was a requested design for the Hogs for the Cause annual pediatric brain cancer research silent auction. She is a saint with an apocryphal history and is the patroness of musicians (and by extension the Foo Fighters and the eponymous hotel of their 2016 release).

Book Curse Bookplate Collection (2017)

A remarkably successful Kickstarter based upon my self-designed and self-produced bookplates (I don't call it a workshop for nothing, after all). This was a fun collection of smaller drawings that fit my schedule at the time.

New Orleans Trumpet (2018)

After a long overdue move back to New Orleans, I made the decision to begin taking on projects as a graphic designer once again. This cover was commissioned by the author, and it was a joy to work on.

St. Honore, Patron Saint of Bakers (2018)

When your favorite bread supplier demands a print of her patron, you either deliver or you go back to store-bought bread.

The Guitarist's Intro to Jazz (2018)

The publisher of the previous cover was so knocked out by the cover design for New Orleans Trumpet that he came a'calling for a separate project.

Neslorchestra: Primordial Fusion (2018)

Local 'bone-man and jazz legend Rick Trolson and I worked out a concept of his for an experimental jazz album that will knock your socks off. The tri-fold format was the perfect format for the primordial landscape.

– Chris Volion

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